Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I FOUND RICHES IN PLATINUM CAUSE GOLD WAS FOR FOOLS......turns out that what looked like gold was actually somebodies passion.

The beast is slayed. 

Great job geniuses.  You've been assuming not speculating.  Well done.  We've done more than conquer this time.  Enjoy the rewards of your victory for a while.  No need to move forward.  Rest here, then have a good time. 

I heard you discuss the entails of maturity.  I agree with you on it.  Again, well done.

I digress.

About the  REAL DEAL...

So ladies, after you get a dance with him started plant something in his life, leave something in his house, do something memorable in his world.  You'll get the desired response from him and your competitors once you do one or all of these things.  From here work your magic on him. 

Go head and let that sink in before you read forward.  Aint no need for me going into the depth is there?

Dana, the one who comments doesn't let Charles process anything or think about anything.  He is henpecked.  He gets to make a decision or pick a choice.  Before she planted something in his life he was messing up all types of things that she had going on.  She learned quickly what to do.  She didn't yoke em she hen pecked em.

She knew he wasn't trying to break her or pimp her.  He just didn't realize his own strength.  They were too compatible to just let him go.  They clicked.  He danced.  His heart even sang a little.  She was ready to kill him.  Instead of killing him or letting him go she let him clown then manipulated his energy. 

She choose to henpeck him instead of the yoke cause she is more advanced in her maturity.  Now she living life as a lady of leisure. 
Why not a housewife?  They work too hard and they go thru too many pangs.  A sista likes thangs good and easy.  Why not a socialite?  Not enough me time or enough spotlight.  I likes to be seen and heard.  Why not a wealthy woman?  I like to be nice to folk and I want to keep a good reputation. 

Some of yall gone need to yoke ya man up to keep him from messing up ya magic.  After you yoke em you gone have release that yoke jus a lil at a time till you get him trained or to train him.  

It is what it is!  [IIWII]  pronounced too-wah-too.  It looks Roman but it is Greek. 

Another tip for you ladies and gents, keep things simple.  Keeping things simple is the sign of being a genius in life.  I'm asking how's all that other stuff working out for you?  Oh yeah, it's not that's why you working so hard to be content.



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  1. Girlfriends, I may as well put it out there. I'm feeling squirrelly. It's time for the world to know the leisure lifestyle. I'm not a socailite. I'm not a housewife. Nor am I a wealthy woman. But disposable income (way to much) allows for leisure. It's more like being a trophy wife.

    It's Showtime ladies and I'm excited about it. The tarot says there is nudity and nakedness in the daytime for me.

    Being a lady of leisure is good.

    Girlfriends, What's Good?