Monday, December 9, 2013


... I am empty.  It feels good to be empty.  It feels like things are going my way.  I'm having a wonderful life.  I'm experiencing personal growth.  I didn't ask for these things nor did I pray for them. 

I digress.

Something tried to feed off my fear this morn.  I have no fear.  I have no doubts.  I am anxious for nothing.  What a waist of time for this action.  Energy spent in vain.  Energy is gold like time is a gem. 

Anybody feeding off of someone's fear is going to loose/fail in the end.  Now a days with what children are learning, to fall for the use of fear it to be hustled.  It's energy spent that can't be replaced and energy that you won't get back. 

These kids are all about gathering up energy and folk who use fear got a lot of energy for use.  It's like abandoned money to them. 

OKAY?  Holla if you hear me. 

My faith took advantage of that awesome presence this morn.  The presence of the thing that tried to feed off my fear and the presence of my confirmations. 

My excitement grew.  I give credit from this moment to my contentment. 

This brings to mind something the universe shared with me on the journey that I completed.    I'm sure you geniuses will agree with me on this.

Reincorporate.  Right?

Reuse what has been successful for you as much as needed or not needed.  You have been over exposed.  Rectify with reincorporating.  Reincorporating will aid resolution. 

I know that you are working hard to resolve your speculations and plans.  Good for you.  It has to be done.  You'll make it to contentment.  Contentment is a safe place where good things happen for you. 

On the journey I saw folk using everything that was thrown at them.  FOOLISH!  Don't be foolish.  Be wise. 


Have no doubt that this life is real. 

About the REAL DEAL.....

It's not about class.  There is no classism involved.  It's about clicking or being compatible.  You only need to be a good match with 'the one'.  It's you participating in that ancient thang that happens between a man and a woman.  

Tango anyone.  OLE!

Ladies learn to click with a man.  I know that this is something new and unheard of.  Looking at a few girlfriends of mine I can see that we have not been taught to love a man. 

Now that we own businesses, now that we are climbing the ladder in the corporate world, now that people can see our strenghts, now that we made it out of the projects, now that we have a little money I think we owe it to ourselves to learn how (for our daughters) to have a good relationship with a man. 

A man is important to have around, a man is a good thing to have around.  We have not reached a point to where we should be saying, "I don't need a man".  FOOLISH!  You need a man no matter how much money you have or what you've acheived. 

The devil is a lie.  YOU NEED A MAN!

Black love is a woman having a good relationship with a man not blacks loving blacks. 

Clicking is working for me chile.  We dance, not literally but to get along.  We dance to keep each other from compromising our faith and traditions.  We dance to stall for the next moment.  Yall get it.  Okay we dance literally too, but .....if you don't get it I don't care. 

This my blog.  This my hobby.  This is my way to be civilized and modern. 

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  1. My confirmation for my life is this....I am not awesome but I am a woman who looks awesome.

    Girlfriends....My journey was false evidence appearing real. The journey is also known as the future. How foolish they where to have the nerve. Since I've done the work I'm not going to run the race.

    Here's what my girlfriends asked me for. TALK ABOUT THINGS LIKE THEY ARE THE GOOD THAT GOD IS DOING IN YOUR LIFE....Yall my girlfriends, only yall get that and I know yall get that. This little tid bit will keep ya in the game and not get cha budget cut.

    Elle Royal you are a VIP in my world. You are, literally and technically, using the hell out of Jesus' ministry.