Thursday, January 16, 2014


The war is over!  The war is over!

Time to use your skills.  If you were civil on the journey you were blessed with skills.  Were you civil?  Or, were you the antagonist? 

So we enter now into a season of peace and celebration.  My digressions will be of peace or celebration. 

Makes me wonder what the slaves did when they found out they had been freed. 

Some pretended to still be held in bondage.  Some learned how to be free. 
Makes me wonder do people get that not only the black man was held captive as a slave but the black man and his civil legacy was an example of better days to come. 

Naw I'm wrong bout all this, me and my country notions and my backwoods behind. 

The only thing that I know for sure is that the war is over. 


Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Ima start out digressing.  You know me. 


YOU AINT PIMPING IF YA HOE’S IS NASTY AND TRIFLING! Aka chicken heads or hood rats


I’m done.


Now that I have the universe and it’s demon (the dream) under my control, allow me to share the basics of originality.




Originality is sounding good and looking good. 



Class is over.


The last time I went to a King holiday parade the theme was ‘PLAN IT or MAKE A PLAN’.  (something like that.  Yall get it)


The Butler speaks: The Butler says darkness can’t lead darkness.  I’m asking “How’s ya plans working out for ya?”  Feel free to make any comment.  You can’t do anything but entertain me. 


To The Butler and the rest of his civil world I say welcome to the New Emerald City.  Relax.  Enjoy yourselves.  Get comfortable.


Key word good citizens:  CIVIL.  Figure out what it is, what it means, and how to do it before you move any further.  We skipping heartache in other words (IOW).  We smart cookies and the cookie monster is after us.


Our game is not taking us places but has things coming to us as if we are a magnet.  IOW stay away from the light.  Those in the light are too brilliant in the light.  They play a different game.  Brilliant minds work like diamonds causing stars to crash and burn.  Live life as a reject while you play ya game.  IOW stay in a safe place and have lots of fun.  Let ya body manage ya mind and ya spirit.  IOW the sky is the limit.  The sky is the limit:  I won’t be going crazy or going out of my mind. 


Remain civil.  The rights of the civil will show up in ya life.  IOW  I’ll eat the competition.  And, we won’t go by superman or superwoman in the dream.  Wow, I’m out of the shadows of greatness. 


The salamander is charmed by your strength.




The battle is over.  War can’t be ensued.  It’s peace time from now on.  Time for peace.  Jesus.


There will be no battles among the civil.  We haven’t quite made up our minds about the competition thing.  We will let you know what we have decided later.


SHUT UP!   I’ve conquered the universe.  I’ve been up in space again.  Doesn’t matter who landed on the moon first.  IOW: Our children want to be and have to be original.  Why?  Lies are understood.  And lies are easily defeated and always manipulated.


SAFE!  The rejects are protected by the brilliant ones.


Now look here.  You can remain pure and reveal a great legacy being civil.  Being uncivilized causes the loose of purity and created compromise.  Faith was abandoned (God’s hands were tied).  Bad choices ensued.  Results were lost.


There is a way to deal with and work with…..


Love enters.


…..others cultures w/o compromising yourself and losing your results.  Be civil like The Butler. 


Thank you Jesus that the devil is a lie.  We do appreciate that the devil is a lie and the father of lies.  For this is a good thing not a bad thing.


We love using the lies.  No wars.  No battles.  A simple yes, no, or that’s not what’s up suffices.  IOW:  The lights never go off.


The commander sent out an order to the brilliant ones. 



Then the light went out for the uncivilized.  Follow their hearts they must do.  Hearts that are unguarded.  IIWII.  Hearts that are deceitful beyond cure. 


Oh, there’s love showing up.  Love manifested for both sides.


At odds with two faced The Butler sees that his work is done.  The success of his life is passing off to the young. 


Only the brilliant one may sum things up for the rejects. 


SOT: The industrial revolution has made safety the priority.  There will be no forward movement unless things are safe to move forward in.  We skipped the inquisition. 


The inquisition being the testing of faith, the finding of strengths and weaknesses, the garnishing of others power and such. 


Love says, “Good-bye idiots and fool.  Howdy do rejects”.  IOW:  Love is betting on the rejects. 



Friday, January 10, 2014




Disclosure is key.

Be caught doing something good because brother and those eagles are around.
Most folk say their dreams came true.  These folk say their dream is real.
Heed all warnings.


From the Heart:

Your energy is like a weapon to me.  I will not come near you because of this.  You man not come near me because of it

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I FOUND RICHES IN PLATINUM CAUSE GOLD WAS FOR FOOLS......turns out that what looked like gold was actually somebodies passion.

The beast is slayed. 

Great job geniuses.  You've been assuming not speculating.  Well done.  We've done more than conquer this time.  Enjoy the rewards of your victory for a while.  No need to move forward.  Rest here, then have a good time. 

I heard you discuss the entails of maturity.  I agree with you on it.  Again, well done.

I digress.

About the  REAL DEAL...

So ladies, after you get a dance with him started plant something in his life, leave something in his house, do something memorable in his world.  You'll get the desired response from him and your competitors once you do one or all of these things.  From here work your magic on him. 

Go head and let that sink in before you read forward.  Aint no need for me going into the depth is there?

Dana, the one who comments doesn't let Charles process anything or think about anything.  He is henpecked.  He gets to make a decision or pick a choice.  Before she planted something in his life he was messing up all types of things that she had going on.  She learned quickly what to do.  She didn't yoke em she hen pecked em.

She knew he wasn't trying to break her or pimp her.  He just didn't realize his own strength.  They were too compatible to just let him go.  They clicked.  He danced.  His heart even sang a little.  She was ready to kill him.  Instead of killing him or letting him go she let him clown then manipulated his energy. 

She choose to henpeck him instead of the yoke cause she is more advanced in her maturity.  Now she living life as a lady of leisure. 
Why not a housewife?  They work too hard and they go thru too many pangs.  A sista likes thangs good and easy.  Why not a socialite?  Not enough me time or enough spotlight.  I likes to be seen and heard.  Why not a wealthy woman?  I like to be nice to folk and I want to keep a good reputation. 

Some of yall gone need to yoke ya man up to keep him from messing up ya magic.  After you yoke em you gone have release that yoke jus a lil at a time till you get him trained or to train him.  

It is what it is!  [IIWII]  pronounced too-wah-too.  It looks Roman but it is Greek. 

Another tip for you ladies and gents, keep things simple.  Keeping things simple is the sign of being a genius in life.  I'm asking how's all that other stuff working out for you?  Oh yeah, it's not that's why you working so hard to be content.



Monday, December 9, 2013


... I am empty.  It feels good to be empty.  It feels like things are going my way.  I'm having a wonderful life.  I'm experiencing personal growth.  I didn't ask for these things nor did I pray for them. 

I digress.

Something tried to feed off my fear this morn.  I have no fear.  I have no doubts.  I am anxious for nothing.  What a waist of time for this action.  Energy spent in vain.  Energy is gold like time is a gem. 

Anybody feeding off of someone's fear is going to loose/fail in the end.  Now a days with what children are learning, to fall for the use of fear it to be hustled.  It's energy spent that can't be replaced and energy that you won't get back. 

These kids are all about gathering up energy and folk who use fear got a lot of energy for use.  It's like abandoned money to them. 

OKAY?  Holla if you hear me. 

My faith took advantage of that awesome presence this morn.  The presence of the thing that tried to feed off my fear and the presence of my confirmations. 

My excitement grew.  I give credit from this moment to my contentment. 

This brings to mind something the universe shared with me on the journey that I completed.    I'm sure you geniuses will agree with me on this.

Reincorporate.  Right?

Reuse what has been successful for you as much as needed or not needed.  You have been over exposed.  Rectify with reincorporating.  Reincorporating will aid resolution. 

I know that you are working hard to resolve your speculations and plans.  Good for you.  It has to be done.  You'll make it to contentment.  Contentment is a safe place where good things happen for you. 

On the journey I saw folk using everything that was thrown at them.  FOOLISH!  Don't be foolish.  Be wise. 


Have no doubt that this life is real. 

About the REAL DEAL.....

It's not about class.  There is no classism involved.  It's about clicking or being compatible.  You only need to be a good match with 'the one'.  It's you participating in that ancient thang that happens between a man and a woman.  

Tango anyone.  OLE!

Ladies learn to click with a man.  I know that this is something new and unheard of.  Looking at a few girlfriends of mine I can see that we have not been taught to love a man. 

Now that we own businesses, now that we are climbing the ladder in the corporate world, now that people can see our strenghts, now that we made it out of the projects, now that we have a little money I think we owe it to ourselves to learn how (for our daughters) to have a good relationship with a man. 

A man is important to have around, a man is a good thing to have around.  We have not reached a point to where we should be saying, "I don't need a man".  FOOLISH!  You need a man no matter how much money you have or what you've acheived. 

The devil is a lie.  YOU NEED A MAN!

Black love is a woman having a good relationship with a man not blacks loving blacks. 

Clicking is working for me chile.  We dance, not literally but to get along.  We dance to keep each other from compromising our faith and traditions.  We dance to stall for the next moment.  Yall get it.  Okay we dance literally too, but .....if you don't get it I don't care. 

This my blog.  This my hobby.  This is my way to be civilized and modern.